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Catheter Mount

1 Review
  • Catheter mount consists of elbow, tube and end connector.
  • Elbow and end connector can be different type.
  • Single-use only.
  • Latex-free.
  • Sterile by eto



The catheter mount connector and flexible tubing provide mobility and flexibility to the patient end of the circuit. The catheter mount is used as an intermediary connection between the patient and the breathing system.

Catheter mount is intended to connect between Y-piece and the airway device. It is a necessary product that can reduce the weight pressure on a patient’s airway device or tracheostomy wound. Surginatal offers a wide range of tubes, connectors, and elbow connectors for multiple clinical conditions.

150mm, 22F-22M/15F Fixed elbow connector



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Weight0.11 kg
Dimensions22 × 8 × 3 cm

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  1. Viraj

    This Catheter Mount is fit any HME and BV filter
    good product

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