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Cotton Bandage – Pack of 10 Pcs

5 Reviews

Cotton Bandage Specifications

  • f2 Quality bandage.
  • High Absorbent.
  • Available in 2.5 meters and 4.5 Mtr Length.
  • Available in width 5cm, 7cm, 9cm, 14cm.





The cotton bandage feels really soft and very comfortable while using it. Easily covers body parts and gives comfort feeling.


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Weight0.24 kg
Dimensions12 × 20 × 5 cm

14cm*2.5mtr, 14cm*4.5mtr, 5cm*2.5mtr, 5cm*4.5mtr, 7cm*2.5mtr, 7cm*4.5mtr, 9cm*2.5mtr, 9cm*4.5mtr

Latest reviews

Based on 5 reviews
  1. Chennakesavarao T.

  2. Subrata Roy

  3. Subrata Roy

  4. Debasish Barman


  5. Angel Rebello


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