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Friends Economy Adult Diapers XL

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Friends Economy Adult Diapers XL Specifications 

  • As long as 8 Hours of Protection Against Leakage, Moisture, And Odor Lock.
  • Fast Absorption Layer Distributes The Liquid Evenly For Quick Absorption, and Super Absorbent Anti-Bacterial Core Prevents Rashes and Infection.
  • Standing Leak Guards Avoid Spills And Leakages From the Sides In these Tape Style Adult Diapers.
  • Wetness Indicator – Serial Number Fades away when the Adult Diaper is full.




Friends Economy Adult Diapers Large go with brief-like leg openings that simplify them to wear. These are outstandingly planned for Indian body types which gives a comfortable fit.

It presents 8 hours of protection from spillage, and soddenness and has a fragrance lock quick osmosis layer that conveys the liquid similarly for rapid ingestion. It’s actually an elastic foe of bacterial focus that thwarts rashes sickness.

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  1. dr sunil

    Product is nice ? very helpful for overage

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