5 Important Tips To Avoid Physical Injuries

5 Important Tips To Avoid Physical Injuries

There is no doubt that most of us enjoy sports and physical activities like biking, running, martial arts, and many more such activities. 

The importance of physical activity for our health cannot be overemphasized. However, not all physical activities are safe and some can lead to physical injuries.

Physical injuries are generally classified as either acute or chronic

Acute injuries refer to those that happen in a short period of time, while chronic ones refer to those that happen over a long period of time.


Tips to Avoid Physical Injuries

1. Talk to your doctor, or physiotherapist before you start any new training program. 

2. Always stretch before you start exercising, especially if it is a new activity for which you have not had time to warm up your muscles.

 3. Always perform stretches on both sides of the body and avoid holding stretches for more than 10 seconds at a time. 

4. When exercising, do not overdo it. If you are pushing yourself to the point of sweating excessively, or if you have trouble catching your breath when exercising, stop and rest.

5. Diet and Nutrition are a must. If you’re not keeping your diet as per your requirements, it’s very hard to achieve good results. A balanced diet with a proper quantity of protein, carbs, and fat is the key. 

What to Do When You Got An Injury? 

Getting injured can is no joke. It can lead to severe body part failure. That’s why it’s very important to take care of the injured part. 

The most common there that can help you heal the injury or wound is “RICE” therapy. RICE stands for Rest, Icing, Compression, and Elevation

Let me explain in detail… 

Whenever you got an injury, you must keep it rest for a day or two. Giving proper rest to the injury can fasten up the process of healing. Since our human body is capable of self-healing. 

Whenever you got an injury, you must keep it rest for a day or two. Giving proper rest to the injury can fasten up the process of healing. 

Since our human body is capable of self-healing. The sooner the healing process starts, the shorter the time you will need to spend on treatment. 

The human body can heal itself faster if you allow it to rest after injuries. 

If you want to heal faster, then follow these steps

1) Use heat and cold to help muscles relax.

2) Avoid repetitive motions that worsen the injury.

3) Apply a cold pack or ice wrapped in a cloth on the injury site to reduce swelling and pain.  

4) Massage the injured area by applying gentle pain relief cream. 

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