How do Blood Pressure Monitors Work?

How do Blood Pressure Monitors Work?

Blood pressure monitoring machines are found in each and every hospital, clinic, and even most houses for personal care. You may have seen these machines countless times but have you wondered how these machines actually work? 

There are two conditions in which you could test your blood pressure at home: first that your physician has asked you to, or second is that the fact that you need to watch out for it yourself.  

Suppose that you’re taking medicine that cures BP on your own, blood pressure monitoring tools can assist you with defining objectives and monitoring your progress – as a matter of fact, patients who screen their own blood pressure on a regular basis are bound to find success. 

Working of Blood Pressure Monitor Explained – 

blood pressure monitor works on simple physics that includes the measurement of pressure. A regular pressure monitor has two parts – one is a cuff wrapped around your arm, and the other calculates the pressure around the cuff.  

Now, the main part of a blood pressure monitoring tool, the measuring monitor measures two types of pressure – one is diastolic and the other is systolic. 

We calculate systolic pressure when the heart beats and it pushes the blood into the arteries. Diastolic pressure is calculated when the heart is resting. So when you see a BP, of 120-90 it means the systolic pressure is 120 and the diastolic pressure is 90. 

The process of blood pressure monitoring starts with wrapping the cuff around the arm. After wrapping the cuff inflates until it fits tightly around the arm. It cuts off the blood flow for a few seconds after that valve opens slowly to deflate it and release the blood. 

When the cuff fits tightly around your arm, blood starts to reach and flow around your arteries. This movement creates a vibration that is detected and measured by the systolic pressure reading monitor. 

As the tight cuff deflates, it reaches your diastolic pressure and the vibrations at the peak systolic pressure stop. The meter detects it and records the pressure again.   

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