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3M Tegaderm Surgical Dressings 8526 10cm*12cm

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Brand: 3M
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    • Gentle to the skin, yet holds catheters and other devices in place
    • Hypoallergenic and not made with natural rubber latex
    • Unique shapes and designs for both I.V. and wound needs

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  • The 3M Tegaderm Surgical Dressings 8526 is a specific variant of Tegaderm transparent adhesive film dressing. The dimensions mentioned, 10cm * 12cm, refer to the size of this particular Tegaderm dressing. Here's some information specific to the Tegaderm 8526:
  • Size: The Tegaderm 8526 dressing has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 10cm * 12cm. This size is suitable for covering medium-sized wounds, surgical incisions, or areas that require a moderate amount of coverage.

  • Transparent Film: The Tegaderm 8526 variant features a transparent film that allows for easy visualization of the wound or surgical site without the need to remove the dressing. This transparency enables healthcare professionals to monitor healing progress and detect any signs of infection or complications.

  • Breathable and Waterproof: The Tegaderm 8526 dressing is breathable while maintaining a waterproof barrier. It allows moisture vapor to escape from the wound while protecting it from water, bacteria, and external contaminants. This helps create an optimal environment for wound healing.

  • Secure Adhesion: The adhesive on the Tegaderm 8526 dressing is designed to adhere firmly to the skin, ensuring that the dressing stays in place during movement and physical activities. It provides reliable adhesion but can be easily removed without causing significant discomfort or skin damage.

  • Sterile and Bacterial Barrier: The Tegaderm 8526 dressing is sterile and acts as a barrier against bacteria, reducing the risk of wound infections. It provides a clean and controlled environment for the wound to heal.

  • Versatile Application: The 10cm * 12cm size of the Tegaderm 8526 dressing makes it suitable for covering medium-sized wound areas, surgical incisions, or areas that require a moderate amount of coverage. It is commonly used in post-surgical care, wound management, and protection for fragile or sensitive skin.

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