B Braun Certofix Trio Central Venous Catheter Kit

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    • Cable for ECG monitoring
    • Safe & certain positioning
    • Real-time ECG-lead position verification
    • Clear connection lines
    • Atraumatic catheter soft tip
    • Avoid drug incompatibility

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  • The B Braun Certofix Trio Central Venous Catheter Kit is a medical device used for the insertion of a central venous catheter (CVC). The CVC is a long, flexible tube that is placed into a large vein to allow for the administration of medications, fluids, or blood products, as well as for monitoring purposes. The Certofix Trio kit by B Braun is designed to facilitate the safe and efficient placement of the CVC.

    Here are some key features and components typically found in the B Braun Certofix Trio Central Venous Catheter Kit:

  • Catheter: The kit includes the central venous catheter itself, which is a sterile, flexible tube that is inserted into a vein. The catheter may have multiple lumens or channels to allow for the infusion of different substances or for simultaneous administration of medications and fluids.

  • Introducer Needle and Guide Wire: The kit typically contains an introducer needle and a guide wire, which are used to facilitate the placement of the catheter into the vein. The introducer needle is initially inserted into the vein, and then the guide wire is threaded through the needle and advanced into the vein.

  • Dilator and Sheath: The dilator and sheath are components that help enlarge the insertion site and create a pathway for the catheter. The dilator is inserted over the guide wire, followed by the sheath, which is placed over the dilator.

  • Catheter Fixation Device: The kit may include a catheter fixation device or a securement device, which is used to secure the catheter in place once it has been inserted. These devices help prevent accidental dislodgement or movement of the catheter.

  • Additional Accessories: The Certofix Trio kit may also contain other accessories, such as an extension set, injection caps, and sterile dressing materials, which are used for proper catheter maintenance and care.

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