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B Braun Combidyn Pressure Monitoring Line, PMO Line

Category: Critical Care
Brand: B-Braun
SKU: 34142

    • Different lenghts available from 20 cm to 240 cm
    • Pressure resistance up to 8 bar (116 PSI)
    • Luer lock connectors male / female


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  • The B Braun Combidyn Pressure Monitoring Line, also known as the PMO Line, is a medical device used for invasive pressure monitoring in clinical settings. It is designed to provide accurate and reliable pressure measurements from the patient to the monitoring system. The PMO Line is commonly used in critical care units, operating rooms, and other healthcare environments where continuous pressure monitoring is necessary.
  • Here are some key features and components typically found in the B Braun Combidyn Pressure Monitoring Line (PMO Line):
  • Transducer: The PMO Line includes a transducer that converts the pressure exerted on the patient into an electrical signal. The transducer is typically connected to the patient via a catheter or tubing, allowing for direct pressure measurement.

  • Tubing: The PMO Line consists of sterile tubing that connects the transducer to the patient's vascular access point, such as an arterial or venous catheter. The tubing is designed to transmit the pressure signal accurately and maintain fluid dynamics.

  • Flush Device: The PMO Line may include a flush device, such as a three-way stopcock or flush syringe, that allows for periodic flushing of the catheter to prevent occlusion or blood clot formation. Flushing ensures accurate pressure measurements and maintains catheter patency.

  • Connectors: The PMO Line features connectors that allow for easy and secure connection to the patient and the monitoring system. These connectors are typically compatible with standard monitoring equipment and can facilitate seamless integration with existing systems.

  • Sterile Packaging: The PMO Line is usually packaged in a sterile manner to maintain its integrity and minimize the risk of contamination during use.

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