B Braun Ecofix Non Vented IV Infusion Set

Category: Surgical
Brand: B-Braun
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    • Y-port for bolus administration of drugs or flushing the system
    • Luer-Lock – connector
    • tube material – PVC, tube length – 170 cm
    • air valve (“air”) with bacterial filter
    • roller regulator of the infusion rate

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  • The B Braun Ecofix Non Vented IV Infusion Set is a medical device used for the administration of fluids, medications, or blood products directly into a patient's vein. Unlike vented infusion sets, non-vented infusion sets do not have a vented chamber or filter to release trapped air within the system.
  • Here are some general features and components that may be found in the B Braun Ecofix Non Vented IV Infusion Set:
  • Needle or Catheter: The infusion set includes a needle or catheter that is inserted into a patient's vein to access the bloodstream. The needle or catheter is designed to provide secure and comfortable insertion.

  • Tubing: The set contains flexible tubing that connects the needle or catheter to the fluid source, such as an IV bag or infusion pump. The tubing allows for the smooth flow of fluids from the source to the patient's bloodstream.

  • Drip Chamber: The non-vented infusion set may include a drip chamber that allows for the visualization of the fluid flow. The drip chamber also helps to regulate the rate of infusion and provides an additional barrier against the entry of air.

  • Connectors and Luer Locks: The infusion set includes connectors and luer locks that ensure secure and leak-free connections between different components of the system, such as the tubing, needle or catheter, and fluid source.

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