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B Braun Espocan Combined Spinal Epidural Needles

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  • B Braun Espocan Combined Spinal Epidural Needles are medical devices used for regional anesthesia techniques that involve both spinal anesthesia and epidural anesthesia. These needles are designed to provide a single puncture site for performing both spinal and epidural procedures, allowing for seamless transition between the two techniques.
  • Here are some key features and characteristics of B Braun Espocan Combined Spinal Epidural Needles:
  • Dual Needle Design: The Espocan Combined Spinal Epidural Needle consists of two needles enclosed within a single unit. One needle is used for the spinal anesthesia component, while the other needle is used for the epidural anesthesia component.

  • Tuohy Needle: The epidural needle component of the Espocan needle is typically a Tuohy needle. The Tuohy needle has a curved tip and is specifically designed for the safe and accurate placement of an epidural catheter.

  • Pencil Point or Quincke Point Spinal Needle: The spinal needle component of the Espocan needle may come in a pencil point or Quincke point design. Both designs are commonly used for spinal anesthesia procedures and provide different benefits in terms of accuracy and CSF flow dynamics.

  • Depth Markings: The Espocan needle usually has depth markings along its shaft, allowing the clinician to gauge the depth of insertion during the procedure.

  • Stylet and Introducer: The needle set may include a stylet or introducer to facilitate the initial placement of the needle and help guide it accurately into the desired location.

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