BD PosiFlush SP Prefilled Saline Syringe

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Brand: BD
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    • Unique syringe design
    • Convenient to prepare and use
    • Single step Procedure
    • Clear labeling with bold print
    • Stubby syringe profile
    • Color and bar coded
    • Compatible with saline flushes

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  • BD PosiFlush SP Prefilled Saline Syringes are designed to improve clinician efficiency and workflow by reducing the time involved in the manual preparation of saline syringes. They are intended to be used for the flushing of indwelling vascular access devices.
  • Prefilled Saline Solution: The BD PosiFlush SP Prefilled Saline Syringe comes pre-filled with a sterile saline solution. Saline is a solution of sodium chloride (salt) dissolved in water, typically in an isotonic concentration (0.9%). It is used for various medical applications, including flushing IV catheters, diluting medications, and maintaining catheter patency.
  • Syringe Volume: The syringe is available in different volume capacities, commonly ranging from 3 mL to 10 mL. The specific volume is labeled on the syringe for easy identification.
  • Luer Lock Tip: The BD PosiFlush SP Prefilled Saline Syringe is equipped with a Luer Lock tip, which provides a secure and leak-free connection to other devices, such as IV catheter hubs or IV ports. The Luer Lock mechanism ensures a tight connection by twisting and locking the syringe in place, minimizing the risk of accidental detachment or leakage during flushing.
  • Sterility: The BD PosiFlush SP Prefilled Saline Syringe is designed for single-use and is supplied sterile. It should be handled and used following aseptic techniques to prevent contamination and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Safety Plunger: The syringe features a safety plunger mechanism that helps prevent accidental spills or discharges. The safety plunger is designed to provide controlled flushing and minimize the risk of backflow or contamination.

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