BPL 120/80 B9 Digital BP Monitor

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Brand: BPL
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    • 3' inch Digital LCD display
    • Visual Indicator to low battery below a specific level
    • Automatic data storage, with storage of up to 74 recordings

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A Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with 3" LCD digital display. Works on the oscillometric principle and automatic pressurization providing accurate readings. Internal memory function records reading, and measurements also guides users with a digital error message and a Latex-free Cuff which reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

  • The BPL Blood Pressure Monitor comes in a variation of cuff sizes and the 22x45 cm is recommended for adults who wish to use this device to measure blood pressure.
  • This blood pressure monitor has several benefits and features like a large digital storage capacity that allows it to store up to 74 blood pressure readings for a single user.
  • It also has a safety feature to prevent users from taking incorrect readings. This is done by showing an error message on the screen if the user incorrectly wears the cuff.
  • This blood pressure monitor has a bright and vivid 3.2 inch LCD screen which allows users to take blood pressure readings easily.
  • The BPL B9 Blood Pressure Monitor can be used with batteries as well as a medical power adapter, making it a medical device that can be used both in a stationary place or on the move.
  • How to Use

  • Wear the cuff on the middle of your inner left arm with the pipe pointing downwards.
  • Connect the nozzle end of the pipe to the BPL B9 Pressure Monitoring Device.
  • Press the power button and wait for the machine to give you an accurate reading.
  • The best way to take accurate readings using this device is to take the average of three reading values.
  • Always ensure that your arm is lying still in a resting position for the most accurate reading. 

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