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Coloplast colopaste 2650 60gm

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Brand: Coloplast
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    • Help fill deeper cavities and folds
    • Prevents damage and risk of leakage
    • Prevents wastage as it includes a tube key for even application
    • Low alcohol content
    • Can be used with staminal bags
    • Simple and effective
    • Protects the delicate peristomal skin

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  • Coloplast Colopaste is a product used in ostomy care, specifically for individuals with a stoma. It is a protective skin barrier paste that helps protect the peristomal skin and create a seal around the stoma to prevent leakage and promote a secure fit of the ostomy appliance.
  • Here are some key points about Coloplast Colopaste:
  • Function: Colopaste is designed to provide a protective barrier between the skin and the output from the stoma. It helps to protect the peristomal skin from irritation, leakage, and damage caused by contact with ostomy output.

  • Application: Colopaste is typically applied around the stoma to create a seal and improve the adherence of the ostomy appliance. It is applied after cleaning and drying the skin, and it should be spread evenly in a thin layer. The paste can be molded or shaped to fit the contours of the stoma and the skin.

  • Adhesion and Leakage Prevention: The paste helps improve the adhesion of the ostomy appliance to the skin, reducing the risk of leaks and ensuring a secure fit. It can fill in any uneven areas or crevices around the stoma to create a smooth surface.

  • Compatibility: Coloplast Colopaste is designed to be compatible with other Coloplast ostomy products, such as ostomy bags and skin barriers. It is often used in combination with these products to enhance their effectiveness and provide additional protection.

  • Consultation: It's important to consult with a healthcare professional or an ostomy nurse for guidance on the proper use of Coloplast Colopaste. They can provide personalized advice and instructions based on individual needs and circumstances.

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