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    Conforms to Special beveled extra strong spike. Self-sealing latex tube for extra medication & easy flushing. Highly kink-resistant tubing. Roller clamp for flow controller.

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  • The standard IV set typically includes the following components.
  • Spike or piercing device: This is a sharp, pointed metal or plastic needle-like structure at one end of the IV set. It is used to puncture and access the fluid container or bag, such as an IV solution or medication bottle.

  • Drip chamber: This is a transparent chamber located below the spike/piercing device. It allows the healthcare provider to visualize and control the flow rate of the fluid being infused. The drip chamber also helps to prevent air bubbles from entering the IV tubing.

  • Tubing: The IV tubing is a flexible, transparent tube that carries the fluid from the container to the patient's bloodstream. It is typically made of medical-grade PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and comes in various lengths to accommodate different clinical needs.

  • Roller clamp: The roller clamp is a small plastic device placed along the IV tubing. It can be adjusted to control or stop the flow of the fluid. By rolling the clamp up or down, healthcare providers can regulate the infusion rate.

  • Injection port: An injection port, also known as a Y-site or side port, is a small, rubber-covered opening located on the IV tubing. It allows additional medications or fluids to be injected into the IV line without interrupting the primary infusion.

  • Luer lock connector: This is a standardized connector at the end of the IV tubing that ensures a secure and leak-proof attachment to other devices, such as syringes or catheters.

  • Needle or catheter adapter: At the opposite end of the IV tubing, there is a needle or catheter adapter. It is designed to connect the IV set to the patient's vascular access point, such as a peripheral vein or central line.

  • IV sets may also include additional features like filters, back-check valves, or extension sets depending on specific requirements for medication administration, blood transfusions, or specialized therapies.


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