Infi Breast Pump Manual

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    • Comes with a bottle and nipple and cap
    • For convenient use of this breast pump at home
    • Easy to assemble, Easy to use, Easy to clean
    • Single pumping
    • More hygienic for breast as all parts can be sterilized

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The Infi Breast Pump Manual is a manually operated device designed to assist lactating mothers in expressing breast milk. Unlike electric breast pumps, which rely on a motor for suction, a manual breast pump requires the user to manually create and maintain suction to express breast milk. Here is a general description of a manual breast pump:

  • Handle and lever: The Infi Breast Pump Manual typically consists of a handle or lever that the user operates to create suction. This handle is manually pressed or squeezed to create a vacuum within the breast pump.

  • Breast shield: The breast shield is a cone-shaped component that fits over the breast. It forms a seal around the nipple, and when suction is applied, it helps stimulate milk flow and draw milk from the breast.

  • Suction control: The user has control over the suction level and rhythm by manually adjusting the speed and intensity of the handle or lever pressing. This allows the user to find a comfortable and effective suction level that suits their individual needs.

  • Collection container: The manual breast pump typically includes a collection container, such as a bottle or milk storage bag, to collect the expressed breast milk. The container is usually attached to the breast shield or comes with a stand or holder for stability.

  • Assembly and disassembly: Manual breast pumps are generally designed to be easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning and storage purposes. The individual components, such as the breast shield and collection container, can be detached and reattached as needed.

  • Portability: Manual breast pumps are known for their portability and convenience. They do not require an electrical power source, making them suitable for on-the-go use or situations where access to electricity may be limited.

  • The Infi Breast Pump Manual provides a more affordable and portable option for mothers who may not require frequent or extended pumping sessions. While it requires more effort from the user compared to electric pumps, it still offers an effective way to express breast milk.

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