Infi Electric Breast Pump

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    • Breast Pump with 4 air inlet design
    • Breast Pump has a Pressing function
    • Breast Pump has an Adjustable suction
    • Stronger & uniform suction through 4 air inlet design
    • Massage function brings real comfort for mom’s
    • Suction on this Breast Pump can be adjusted, you can choose the most comfortable suction.
    • Breast Pump has an Adjustable vacuum levels

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The Infi Electric Breast Pump is a device designed to assist lactating mothers in expressing breast milk. It is an electric-powered pump that helps stimulate milk flow and efficiently extracts breast milk for feeding or storage purposes.

  • Electric motor: The Infi Electric Breast Pump is equipped with an electric motor that provides the power for suction. The motor creates a vacuum, mimicking the natural sucking action of a nursing baby.

  • Breast shield: The breast shield is a cone-shaped component that fits over the breast. It forms a seal around the nipple, creating a vacuum to stimulate milk flow and draw milk from the breast.

  • Suction controls and settings: The electric breast pump may have adjustable suction controls and settings to allow mothers to customize the suction strength and speed to their comfort level and milk flow needs.

  • Collection containers: The breast pump may include collection containers, such as bottles or milk storage bags, to collect the expressed breast milk. These containers are typically attached to the breast pump or come with a stand or holder for stability.

  • Tubing and connectors: The breast pump features tubing and connectors that connect the breast shield to the electric motor. These components transport the expressed milk from the breast shield to the collection container.

  • Power source: The Infi Electric Breast Pump likely operates using an electrical power source, such as an AC adapter or batteries. The power source provides the necessary power for the electric motor to function.

  • Electric breast pumps like the Infi Electric Breast Pump are designed to provide convenience and efficiency for nursing mothers. They are particularly useful for mothers who need to express milk regularly, have difficulty with breastfeeding, or want to build a milk supply for times when they are away from their baby.

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