Infi Suction Machine

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Brand: Infi
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₹4500 ₹7200
    • Also Known as Medical Suction Unit
    • Premium Quality Electric Suction Machine
    • Oil-Free : No Oil
    • Low Noise for Patient's Comfort
    • Suction Bottom Hiden Inside
    • Regulated Negative Pressure
    • ISO13485 Certified
    • Long life Good Steel & Anti Rusting
    • Compact, Lightweigh & Easy to carry
    • Warranty : One Year Warranty by the Company*

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  • Suction machines typically consist of the following components.
  • Suction pump: The pump generates the necessary vacuum or negative pressure to suction fluids. It may be powered by electricity, battery, or manual operation.

  • Collection canister: This is a container that collects the suctioned fluids and prevents them from flowing back into the suction pump. The canister is usually transparent, allowing healthcare providers to monitor the fluid levels.

  • Tubing and suction catheters: Tubing connects the suction pump to the collection canister, and suction catheters or suction tips are attached to the tubing. Suction catheters are inserted into the area requiring suction to extract fluids or secretions.

  • Controls and settings: Suction machines often have adjustable controls or settings to regulate the vacuum strength or suction pressure. These settings can be adjusted according to the patient's needs and the type of procedure being performed.

  • Suction machines are commonly used in healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare, to assist with airway clearance, wound management, and the removal of excess fluids or secretions from the body. They play a crucial role in maintaining the patient's respiratory function and managing conditions that may lead to complications if fluids are not effectively cleared.

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