JOHNSON'S Dynacrepe 15cm x 4m Crepe Bandage

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Brand: Johnson
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    •  Premium and Breathable Material for whole day use
    • Washable and Reusable for Multiple time use

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  • JOHNSON'S Dynacrepe Crepe Bandage is a specific brand and type of crepe bandage commonly used for providing support and compression to injured or sprained joints, muscles, or ligaments.
  • Material: JOHNSON'S Dynacrepe Crepe Bandage is made from a stretchable, woven fabric material that has a textured and slightly elastic nature. This allows the bandage to conform to the shape of the body and provide a snug fit.

  • Elasticity and Compression: The crepe bandage has inherent elasticity, which means it can stretch and then recoil to provide controlled compression. This compression helps to reduce swelling, stabilize injured areas, and support weakened muscles or joints.

  • Breathability: JOHNSON'S Dynacrepe Crepe Bandage is designed to be breathable, allowing air to circulate and maintain a comfortable environment for the skin. This feature helps to reduce the likelihood of moisture buildup and potential skin irritations.

  • Edge Finish: The bandage typically has finished edges to prevent fraying and ensure durability. This makes it easier to wrap and secure the bandage without the risk of loose threads.

  • Versatility and Size Options: JOHNSON'S Dynacrepe Crepe Bandage comes in various widths and lengths to accommodate different body parts and needs. It can be used on limbs such as ankles, knees, elbows, or wrists, providing support and compression as required.

  • Fastening: The bandage is typically self-adhesive, allowing it to be easily wrapped around the affected area without the need for additional fasteners or clips. The adhesive nature of the bandage helps to secure it in place during activity or movement.

  • Reusability: JOHNSON'S Dynacrepe Crepe Bandage is designed for single-use application. It is recommended to use a new bandage for each application to maintain hygiene and ensure optimal support and compression.

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