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DENT SMILE 35% H2O2 Office Bleach System

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It is a very important and widely-used industrial product commonly used as a laboratory reagent and also in its vapour form as a steriliser. It is a popular alternative to ethylene oxide and formaldehyde, as it is easy to handle and environmentally friendly. Its advanced zero sensitivity formula eliminates sensitivity. The optimized pH gel consist of the active carbamide peroxide glycerine combination suspended in a high tack, high viscosity gel which considerably reduces the treatment time.

A 35% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) office bleach system is a dental product used for teeth whitening procedures performed in a dental office. It is a professional-grade bleaching system that involves the use of a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth.

Here are some key points about the 35% H2O2 office bleach system:

  1. Concentration: The 35% hydrogen peroxide concentration indicates that the bleaching gel used in this system contains a high level of hydrogen peroxide. The high concentration allows for more efficient and faster whitening results compared to over-the-counter or lower concentration products.

  2. In-office procedure: The 35% H2O2 office bleach system is typically used in a professional dental setting by a trained dentist or dental hygienist. The procedure involves applying the hydrogen peroxide gel directly to the teeth and may include the use of activating lights or lasers to enhance the bleaching process.

  3. Controlled application: The high concentration of hydrogen peroxide requires careful application and monitoring to minimize the risk of soft tissue irritation or tooth sensitivity. Dental professionals take necessary precautions, such as protecting the gums and isolating the teeth, to ensure safe and effective treatment.

  4. Customized treatment: The dentist will evaluate the patient's oral health and determine the appropriate treatment plan based on factors such as the degree of discoloration, the patient's desired outcome, and any existing dental restorations. They may also provide guidance on post-treatment care to maintain the whitening results.

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