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Dental Etchant Gel 37% Phosphoric Acid

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Brand: K-10
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    • Silica Free, Non-drying & highly thixotropic
    • Provides controlled depth of dental etch
    • Does not dry etched tooth surface
    • 1*3 GM syringe
    • Effectively removes the smear layer.
    • Promotes Mechanical retention.
    • Ensures Bonding strength.
    • The etchant rinses away cleanly and quickly, leaving no residue.

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Etching gel is formulated with 37% phosphoric acid in gel consistency indicating enamel etching and dentin conditioning. Its consistency is adjusted for a soft gel which is easy to dispense with the needles provided.


  • For cementation of inlays, crowns, bridges, veneers, adhesive bridges, posts & cores
  • Composite restorations
  • Bonding of orthodontics attachments (e.g. bracket)
  • Splints
  • For pit and fissure sealing

37% phosphoric acid etching gel is a dental product used for etching tooth surfaces as a part of certain dental procedures, such as adhesive bonding of restorations or sealants. It is a high-concentration gel that contains phosphoric acid, which is an acidic solution commonly used for enamel etching.

Here are some key points about 37% phosphoric acid etching gel:

  1. Etching procedure: Phosphoric acid etching gel is used to create microscopic porosities or irregularities on the enamel surface. This process is known as enamel etching, and it enhances the mechanical retention of restorative materials or sealants to the tooth structure.

  2. Concentration: The 37% concentration indicates a relatively high level of phosphoric acid in the gel. Higher concentrations of phosphoric acid are typically used for shorter etching times or when a more aggressive etching effect is desired. Lower concentrations, such as 35% or 30%, may also be available depending on the manufacturer.

  3. Gel formulation: The phosphoric acid etching gel is typically formulated as a viscous gel, which allows for controlled placement and retention on the tooth surface. The gel consistency ensures that the acid remains in contact with the enamel for the required etching time.

  4. Time and technique: The specific application time and technique for using the 37% phosphoric acid etching gel may vary depending on the dental procedure and the recommendations of the manufacturer. Generally, it is applied to the tooth surface for a specified duration, usually between 15 and 30 seconds, followed by thorough rinsing and drying of the tooth before proceeding with the bonding or sealing process.

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