Medigrip Plaster Of Paris Bandeage 10CM X 2.7CM

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  • Plaster of Paris Bandage also known as plaster bandage or simply P.O.P bandage, is a medical bandage made from a gauze fabric that has been impregnated with plaster of Paris. It is commonly used in orthopedic applications for immobilization, support, and casting of fractures or other musculoskeletal injuries. Here is a detailed description of plaster of Paris bandage:
  • Composition: Plaster of Paris bandages consist of a central layer of loosely woven gauze fabric that is coated or impregnated with a powdered form of calcium sulfate hemihydrate, also known as plaster of Paris. The gauze provides structure and reinforcement to the bandage.
  • Activation: The bandage is activated by dipping it in water, allowing the plaster of Paris to become wet and moldable. The water triggers a chemical reaction that converts the plaster into a solid form, creating a hard cast or splint once it sets.
  • Setting Time: Plaster of Paris bandages typically have a relatively short setting time, usually around 2-10 minutes, depending on the specific product. This allows for quick application and rapid hardening of the cast or splint.
  • Rigidity and Strength: Once the plaster of Paris bandage sets, it forms a rigid and strong structure that immobilizes the injured body part, providing stability and support during the healing process. The rigidity helps in maintaining proper alignment of fractured bones or injured joints.
  • Conformability: Plaster of Paris bandages are highly conformable, meaning they can be molded and shaped to fit the contours of the body. This allows for a custom fit and better immobilization of the injured area.
  • Breathability: Plaster of Paris bandages have a porous structure that allows for air circulation, allowing the skin underneath to breathe. However, it's important to note that prolonged use or excessive moisture accumulation can still lead to skin irritation or maceration.
  • Application: Plaster of Paris bandages are typically applied by healthcare professionals, such as doctors or cast technicians. The bandage is dipped in water and squeezed gently to remove excess moisture. It is then carefully wrapped around the injured area, building up layers to create a sturdy and well-fitting cast or splint.
  • Uses: Plaster of Paris bandages are commonly used in the immobilization and stabilization of fractures, dislocations, and other orthopedic injuries. They can also be used for the correction of bone deformities or as post-surgical immobilization. Additionally, they are sometimes used in art and craft projects.
  • It's important to note that the application of plaster of Paris bandages should be done by trained professionals to ensure proper technique, fit, and monitoring of the injured area. After the bandage is applied, regular follow-up visits may be necessary to assess healing progress, check for any complications, and adjust the cast or splint as needed.
  • If you require the application of a plaster of Paris bandage, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional who can provide appropriate medical advice and assistance based on your specific condition.

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