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    Machined alluminium chest piece.
    Dual sided chest piece technology.
    Diaphragm Diameter 4.5 cm (1.75 Inch approx).
    Small Diaphragm Diameter 3.2 cm (1.25 Inch approx).
    Reliable & High Acoustic Sensitivity product.
    Spare diaphragm & Soft ear tips provided absolutely free of cost.

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  • A pediatric stethoscope is a specialized medical device used by healthcare professionals to listen to and assess the internal sounds of infants, children, and adolescents. It is designed to provide accurate and clear auscultation of heart, lung, and other body sounds in pediatric patients.
  • Size and Design: Pediatric stethoscopes are smaller and more lightweight compared to adult stethoscopes. They are specifically designed to fit the smaller anatomical proportions of children. The chest piece, tubing, and earpieces are proportionally smaller to ensure proper placement and comfort on a pediatric patient's body.

  • Chest Piece: The chest piece of a pediatric stethoscope is usually smaller and lighter than that of an adult stethoscope. It typically consists of a diaphragm and a bell, similar to adult stethoscopes. The diaphragm is a flat, circular area used to detect high-frequency sounds such as heart and lung sounds. The bell is a smaller, cup-shaped area used for low-frequency sounds. Some pediatric stethoscopes may have a combined diaphragm/bell chest piece for versatile auscultation.

  • Tubing: The tubing of a pediatric stethoscope is designed to be flexible and lightweight. It is often made of durable materials like PVC or rubber. The tubing transmits sound from the chest piece to the practitioner's ears, ensuring clear and accurate auscultation.

  • Earpieces: Pediatric stethoscopes have earpieces that are smaller and angled to fit comfortably into the ears of healthcare professionals. The earpieces are designed to provide a good seal and reduce ambient noise, enabling the practitioner to hear internal sounds clearly.

  • Fun and Child-Friendly Designs: Some pediatric stethoscopes feature fun and child-friendly designs, such as colorful patterns, cartoon characters, or animal shapes. These designs help create a more positive and comforting experience for young patients, easing anxiety during medical examinations.

  • Acoustic Performance: The acoustic performance of a pediatric stethoscope is crucial for accurate auscultation. It should provide clear and precise sound transmission, allowing healthcare professionals to detect even subtle abnormalities or variations in pediatric patients' heart and lung sounds.

  • Specialty Features: Certain pediatric stethoscopes may offer additional features, such as a dual-head chest piece with interchangeable diaphragms and bells, allowing practitioners to switch between different frequencies as needed. Some models may also incorporate noise-canceling technology or enhanced acoustic capabilities for improved sound clarity.

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