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Polymed Suction Catheter Plain

Category: Express Delivery Surgical
Brand: Polymed
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    • Size: 06 to 16 FG
    • Plain funnel connector
    • Colour coded


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  • Polymed Suction Catheter Plain For removal of secretion from trachea and bronchial region
  • Soft, frosted and kink resistant DEHP free PVC tubing with maximum patient comfort
  • Color coded connector for identification of size
  • Thumb Control & finger tip control are available with graduation marks after every cm
  • Length : 50 cms
  • Sizes : 6 FG to 16 FG
  • The catheter is available in the sizes of 06FG, 08FG, 10FG, 12FG, 14FG, 16FG
  • Function: Suction catheters are used to clear or suction the airway of secretions, mucus, blood, or other fluids to maintain a clear passage for breathing.

  • Design: A suction catheter is a long, flexible tube typically made of medical-grade plastic. It has a hollow lumen running through its length that allows the removal of fluids through suction. The distal end of the catheter is open with multiple side holes to facilitate the collection of secretions during suctioning.

  • Sizes: Suction catheters come in various sizes or diameters, measured in French (Fr) sizes. The appropriate size is selected based on the patient's age, condition, and the location of suctioning (e.g., oral or tracheal suctioning). Common sizes range from 5 Fr to 18 Fr.

  • Usage: Suction catheters are often used in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare, for patients who have difficulty clearing their airways or require assistance in maintaining respiratory hygiene. They are frequently employed for patients with respiratory conditions, such as those on ventilators or individuals with excessive mucus production.

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