Kenpore Plus Microporous Surgical Tape Non Woven -9MTR

Category: Surgical
Brand: Romsons
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    • Kenpore Plus Microporous Surgical is a Non-woven paper tape, gentle to the skin, for multi-purpose medical applications with hypoallergenic adhesive.
    • Skin-colored tape is gentle to the skin.
    • Uniformly coated with hypoallergenic adhesive.

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  • Material: The tape is made from a non-woven fabric that is soft and gentle on the skin. It is often latex-free, reducing the risk of allergic reactions in individuals with latex sensitivities.

  • Microporous and Breathable: Kenpore Plus tape is microporous, meaning it has small pores that allow air and moisture vapor to pass through. This helps maintain good ventilation and reduces the risk of skin maceration or irritation.

  • Adhesive: The tape is typically coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive that provides secure adhesion to the skin or other surfaces. It is designed to hold dressings or medical devices in place without causing undue trauma or discomfort during removal.

  • Length: The tape is available in rolls of various lengths. The length you mentioned, 9 meters (or 9 meters), refers to the length of the tape in the roll.

  • Versatility: Kenpore Plus Microporous Surgical Tape is suitable for a wide range of applications in healthcare settings, including securing dressings, wound care, or securing medical tubing or devices.

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