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Romsons Alcohol Swab

Category: Express Delivery Surgical
Brand: Romsons
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    The Romsons Alcohol Swab is a gauze pad that has been saturated with alcohol. These alcohol swabs are an important part of any first aid kit.100 Alcohol swab in a box

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The Romsons Alcohol Swab is a gauze pad that has been saturated with alcohol  These alcohol swabs are an important part of any first aid kit. 

Its four-layer wrapper provides air-tight seal; prevents leakage and drying out as these alcohol swabs are saturated with 70% V/V Isopropyl Alcohol for optimum anti-bacterial action

 These swabs are also used in doctor's offices, at shot clinics and any other place where quick, easy cleaning of an area is needed

 The alcohol helps to rid the skin and other surfaces of potential sources of infection

 The alcohol swabs are the type used by nurses to clean an area right before giving an injection, or to clean a wound, clear out pus or for any similar procedure

 The swabs come prepackaged in small, foil pouches, ensuring the alcohol doesn't evaporate and the alcohol swab is ready for use when it is needed

 The packaged is ripped open, the swab is removed and used, and then both the package and the alcohol swab are discarded

 If the swab has any blood or other material on it, is must be handled as bio-hazardous waste

 The Romsons alcohol swabs are available in a standard packing of 1000 swabs per box

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