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Romsons Closed Suction Catheter -SIZE 14FG

Category: Critical Care
Brand: Romsons
SKU: 27903

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    • Closed system
    • Allows ventilation with suctioning
    • Atraumatic catheter
    • Ports for flushing and MDI

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  • Romsons Closed Suction Catheter is a medical device used for the removal of secretions and maintenance of airway patency in patients who require mechanical ventilation or have a tracheostomy. It is a flexible catheter with a closed system that allows for the suctioning of respiratory secretions without disconnecting the patient from the ventilator.

    Here are some key points about Romsons Closed Suction Catheter:

  • Function: The closed suction catheter is designed to remove secretions from the patient's airway while maintaining a closed system. This means that the catheter remains connected to the ventilator or tracheostomy tube throughout the suctioning process, minimizing the risk of contamination and maintaining positive pressure in the lungs.

  • Closed System: The closed suction system consists of a flexible catheter with a control valve and a collection canister. The catheter is enclosed within a protective sheath, which helps maintain sterility and prevents the spread of microorganisms during suctioning.

  • Size and Length: Romsons Closed Suction Catheters are available in different sizes and lengths to accommodate various patient needs and clinical settings. The size is typically measured in French units, with smaller sizes suitable for pediatric patients and larger sizes for adult patients.

  • Sterile and Disposable: Closed suction catheters are generally designed for single-patient use and are disposable. This helps prevent cross-contamination between patients and ensures the highest level of infection control.

  • Usage: The closed suction catheter is inserted into the patient's endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube. The suction is applied by connecting the catheter to a vacuum source, and secretions are then removed through gentle and controlled suctioning. The closed system minimizes the loss of positive pressure in the lungs during the suctioning process.

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