Romsons Epi Kit Epidural Anaesthesia Set

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Brand: Romsons
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    Epidural catheter: The catheter has a closed round tip with three lateral eyesThe set is available in the sizes of 16NG and 18NGThe needle has a polished inner bevel edge which minimizes the risk of catheter shearing

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  • The Romsons Epi Kit Epidural Anaesthesia Set is a medical device used for administering epidural anesthesia. It is commonly used in hospitals, surgical centers, and labor and delivery units for pain management during labor, surgery, or certain medical procedures.
  • Here are some key features of the Romsons Epi Kit Epidural Anaesthesia Set:
  • Components: The Epi Kit typically includes various components necessary for the administration of epidural anesthesia. These components may include an epidural needle, a catheter, a syringe, a connector, and other accessories required for the procedure.

  • Epidural Needle: The kit contains an epidural needle, which is used to access the epidural space in the spine. The needle is typically designed with a specific length, gauge, and bevel to facilitate accurate placement and minimize the risk of complications.

  • Catheter: The kit includes an epidural catheter, which is inserted through the epidural needle and remains in the epidural space. The catheter allows for continuous administration of medication, such as local anesthetics or analgesics, to provide pain relief.

  • Syringe and Connector: The kit may include a syringe for aspiration and injection of medications or fluids, as well as a connector to secure the catheter and facilitate the delivery of anesthesia.

  • Sterility: The Romsons Epi Kit Epidural Anaesthesia Set is typically supplied in a sterile condition to minimize the risk of infection. It is important to follow proper aseptic techniques during the procedure to maintain sterility.

  • Intended Use: The Epi Kit is designed for healthcare professionals experienced in administering epidural anesthesia. It is used to provide pain relief during labor, surgery, or certain medical procedures by delivering medication directly to the epidural space

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