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Romsons Mapleson D Adult Anaesthesia Bain Circuit

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Brand: Romsons
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    The Romsons Mapleson D Bain anesthesia circuit is a convenient, lightweight anesthesia delivery systemThe Mapleson D circuit is a modification of Mapleson system which assists in scavenging of waste gases

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The Romsons Mapleson D Adult Anaesthesia Bain Circuit is a medical device used in anesthesia to deliver and exchange gases during surgery. The Bain circuit is a specific type of breathing system commonly used in anesthesia that allows for efficient oxygenation and ventilation of patients.

The Romsons Mapleson D Adult Anaesthesia Bain Circuit is designed specifically for adult patients. It consists of several components, including a corrugated breathing tube, a reservoir bag, a fresh gas inlet, an expiratory valve, and a patient-end connector. The circuit is typically connected to an anesthesia machine or ventilator to deliver a controlled mixture of gases, including oxygen and anesthetic agents, to the patient's airway.

The Mapleson D circuit is known for its efficiency in low-resistance gas flow and ability to provide controlled ventilation during anesthesia. It allows for a fresh gas supply to enter near the patient's airway and the removal of exhaled gases through the expiratory valve.

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