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Romsons Pressure Monitoring Line (PM-O line)

Category: Express Delivery Surgical
Brand: Romsons
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    • Male to Female
    • Available in 4 lengths
    • Luer lock connectors
    • For high pressure monitoring

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  • The Romsons Pressure Monitoring Line, also known as the PM-O line, is a medical device used for invasive blood pressure monitoring in clinical settings. It is designed to accurately measure and monitor arterial blood pressure during surgical procedures, critical care management, and other medical interventions.
  • The PM-O line consists of a series of components that facilitate the measurement and transmission of blood pressure readings. These components typically include:
  • Transducer: The transducer is a pressure-sensing device that converts the arterial pressure into an electrical signal.

  • Flush device: The flush device is a port used to flush the arterial line with saline solution. It helps maintain the patency and prevents blood clot formation or blockage in the line.

  • Pressure tubing: The pressure tubing connects the patient's arterial line to the transducer. It allows the transmission of the arterial pressure waveform to the monitoring system.

  • Monitoring system: The monitoring system receives the electrical signals from the transducer and displays the arterial pressure waveform in real-time. It provides clinicians with essential information about the patient's blood pressure and helps them make appropriate medical decisions.

  • The Romsons PM-O line is designed to be compatible with standard arterial catheters and transducers. It ensures accurate and reliable blood pressure measurements, enabling healthcare professionals to monitor patients' hemodynamic status and respond promptly to any changes or abnormalities.

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