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Rusch 2 Way Silicone Coated Latex Foley Catheter

Category: Express Delivery Critical Care
Brand: Rusch
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    These catheters are easier to insert than latex
    They typically produce less incidents of irritation to the urethra
    The 2-way openings allow both urine to flow out the tube and a balloon to be inflated into the bladder
    Each catheter openings have separate lumens
    Being 100 percent silicone, they have lower incidents of encrustation and blockage rates
    Each catheter size is color coded
    Each catheter is sterile and individually packaged
    The Foley catheter guarantees optimal patient care in every case while remaining economical

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The Rusch Silicone 2-Way Foley Catheter, by Teleflex Medical, is made of 100 percent silicone to make it easier for those who are sensitive to latex. These Foley catheters are made to be inserted into the bladder with better ease and less pain than latex catheters and will typically create less irritation to the urethra. They produce less friction, thereby making catheterization a smoother process for the patient.2 way foley catheters are equipped with a dual insertion tube at the end of the catheter and each tube has a separate lumen. One lumen goes all the way through where it opens to a double eyelet tube ending. The other lumen is to inflate a balloon after the catheter is inserted. The 5cc balloon is filled with sterile water so it fixes the catheter in place. The Rusch Silicone 2-Way Foley Catheters are 40cms long.

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