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Sterimed Endotracheal Cuffed Reinforced Tubes

  • Cuffed ET tube
  • Sterile individually pealable pouch packed
  • Universal 15 mm connecter at proximal end
  • Recommended use of bite block / Guedel airway
  • E.T.O sterile and pyrogen free. For single patient use




  • Used to maintain a patent airway and mechanically ventilate patients
  • Made from non-toxic, non-irritant medical grade PVC
  • Uniform spiral metal-reinforced tube wall to prevent the tube from kinking
  • Reinforcement supports tube position and verification during X-ray
  • Accurate and safe positioning ensured by graduation marks and tip-to-tip radiopaque line
  • High volume / low pressure cuff ensures efficient low pressure cuff seal (For cuffed tubes)

4 FG, 4.5 fg, 5.0 FG, 5.5 FG, 6.0 FG, 6.5 FG, 7.0 FG, 7.5 FG, 8.0 FG


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