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High Flow Nasal Cannula For HFNC Machine - Premature

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Brand: Surginatal
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    • Flexible gas tube made of SS coil spring and medical grade polyolefin tube.
    • Non-kinkable design ensures no resistance to gas flow and maximum flow to the patient.
    • Soft and smooth end cannula provides more comfort to the patient during treatment.
    • Contoured cannula design to fit the patient nares.

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  • A high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) system for premature infants is a specialized device used for respiratory support in preterm babies. It delivers a high flow of heated and humidified oxygen-enriched air through small nasal prongs to the infant's airways. Here's some information about the HFNC system for premature infants.
  • Function: The HFNC system for premature infants provides a high flow of oxygenated and humidified air to support the baby's respiratory needs. It helps deliver a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) effect, maintain airway patency, improve oxygenation, and reduce work of breathing.
  • Design: The HFNC system for premature infants consists of several components, including an oxygen source, a flow generator, and nasal prongs. The oxygen source can be an oxygen concentrator or a medical-grade oxygen supply. The flow generator controls the flow rate and regulates the temperature and humidity of the delivered air. The nasal prongs are specifically designed for premature infants, being small, soft, and gentle to fit comfortably in their delicate nostrils.
  • Benefits: HFNC therapy offers several advantages for premature infants. It provides a more comfortable alternative to invasive mechanical ventilation. The heated and humidified air helps prevent airway drying and reduces mucus production, promoting better respiratory function. HFNC also allows for easier feeding, communication, and bonding with caregivers.
  • Usage: HFNC therapy is used in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) or other healthcare settings under medical supervision. It is commonly employed for premature infants with respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), or other respiratory conditions. The flow rate and oxygen concentration are adjusted based on the baby's needs and clinical response.

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