Versamed Ventilator Circuit

Category: Critical Care
Brand: Surginatal
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    • Disposable Ventilator Circuit Adult/ Versamed Ventilator Circuit.
    • Includes Flow Sensor Circuit
    • With External Exhalation Valve
    • Patient Type: Adult/Pedia/Neo
    • Tube Length: 1.5 Meter
    • Product Type: Breathing Circuit
    • Application: Hospital, Laboratory
    • Disposability: Disposable
    • Brand: Surginatal

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Buy Versamed Ventilator Circuit Get branded disposable versamed ventilator circuit kit with a flow sensor, exhalation valve, etc. 

The Versamed ventilator circuit is a key component of a mechanical ventilation system used in healthcare settings to provide respiratory support to patients who are unable to breathe adequately on their own. The circuit connects the patient to the ventilator and delivers a mixture of oxygen and air to the patient's lungs.

The Versamed ventilator circuit typically consists of the following components:

  1. Breathing Tube: This is a flexible tube that connects the patient's airway to the ventilator. It allows the flow of gases between the patient and the ventilator.

  2. Exhalation Valve: The exhalation valve is a one-way valve that allows the patient to exhale the carbon dioxide-rich air and prevents the backward flow of gases from the ventilator to the patient.

  3. Inspiratory Valve: The inspiratory valve controls the delivery of the oxygen and air mixture from the ventilator to the patient during the inhalation phase. It opens to allow the flow of gases into the patient's airway.

  4. Humidification Chamber: The humidification chamber is a container filled with water that humidifies the gases delivered to the patient. It helps prevent the drying of the patient's airway and reduces the risk of mucous membrane irritation.

  5. Filters: The ventilator circuit may include various filters to remove particulate matter, bacteria, and viruses from the inspired air, ensuring a clean and safe airflow for the patient.

  6. Monitoring Ports: These ports allow for the connection of monitoring devices, such as pressure sensors, to measure and monitor the patient's respiratory parameters during mechanical ventilation.

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