Tynor Adjustable Range of Motion ROM Knee Brace - Universal Size

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    The brace allows for immobilization at any angle and controls motion between any two anglesIt is easy to wear and removeThe brace is equipped with R.O.M dial which allows for 0 to 120-degree flexion and 0 to 60 degree hyper ExtentionThis makes locking at any angle or motion between any two angles possibleThe Knee Brace is light in weight and has straps with a reverse buckle mechanismThe brace is available in a universal size

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  • An adjustable range of motion (ROM) knee brace is a specialized orthopedic device designed to provide support, stability, and controlled movement to the knee joint. It allows for adjustments in the range of motion to accommodate different stages of rehabilitation or specific needs of the wearer. Here's a general description of an adjustable ROM knee brace:
  • Construction: An adjustable ROM knee brace is typically made of durable and lightweight materials such as rigid plastic or metal frames combined with foam padding and straps. The frame surrounds the knee joint, providing stability and limiting excessive movement. The brace may have hinges or pivot points that allow for controlled adjustment of the range of motion.

  • Range of Motion Adjustability: The key feature of an adjustable ROM knee brace is the ability to modify and control the range of motion of the knee joint. This is achieved through adjustable hinges or stops that can be set to limit or allow specific degrees of flexion (bending) and extension (straightening) of the knee. The degree of adjustability can vary depending on the specific model and design of the knee brace.

  • Straps and Fasteners: Adjustable ROM knee braces typically have straps or fasteners that secure the brace to the leg. These straps ensure a snug and comfortable fit while providing additional stability and support. The straps can be adjusted to accommodate individual leg sizes and to optimize the desired range of motion.

  • Padding and Comfort: Adjustable ROM knee braces often feature foam padding or cushioning around the frame and contact points with the leg. This padding helps enhance comfort, reduces pressure points, and absorbs impact during movement. Some knee braces also have breathable materials to promote airflow and moisture management.

  • Indications for Use: Adjustable ROM knee braces are commonly used in post-operative rehabilitation after knee surgery, ligament injuries (such as ACL or PCL tears), or for individuals with chronic knee conditions requiring controlled movement. They are particularly beneficial during the recovery phase when gradually increasing the range of motion is necessary to regain strength and flexibility.

  • Professional Guidance: The fitting and adjustment of an adjustable ROM knee brace may require the assistance of a healthcare professional or orthopedic specialist. They can guide you on the proper application, initial setup, and ongoing adjustments of the knee brace to ensure optimal support, comfort, and rehabilitation progress.

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