Viggo 2 Way Extension Set

Category: Surgical
Brand: viggo
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    • Low Priming Volumes with reduction in the potential for infection
    • The specially designed sets are lightweight with an easy rotating luer lock to reduce the chance for kinking and pulling.
    • Viggo extension sets minimize potential drug incompatibility in the fluid path with the shortest common fluid juncture.
    • Box of 50 units / 4 Boxes per CTN.

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  • An extension line is a common accessory used with infusion sets in medical settings. It is a flexible tube that extends the length of the infusion set, allowing for more flexibility and convenience during the administration of fluids or medication.
  • Here are some key points about extension lines as an accessory of an infusion set:
  • Purpose: The primary purpose of an extension line is to increase the distance between the infusion site and the IV fluid source or medication delivery system. This added length allows for easier movement and positioning of the patient without disrupting the infusion process.
  • Construction: Extension lines are typically made of medical-grade, flexible tubing that is compatible with the fluids or medications being administered. They are designed to be sterile and may have various connectors on each end to connect with the infusion set and the fluid source or medication administration device.
  • Compatibility: Extension lines are generally compatible with different types of infusion sets, including those used for intravenous (IV) therapy, blood transfusions, or other medication infusions. They are often available in different lengths to accommodate specific patient needs.
  • Benefits: Extension lines offer several advantages. They allow healthcare providers to administer fluids or medications without having to position the entire IV setup near the patient. This can be particularly useful in situations where the patient needs to be mobile or when frequent adjustments to the position are required. Extension lines also help reduce the risk of accidental dislodgment or pulling on the infusion site.
  • Usage: To use an extension line, it is typically connected between the infusion set and the fluid source or medication administration device. The extension line is primed to remove any air bubbles before starting the infusion. The healthcare provider ensures that all connections are secure and properly sealed to maintain sterility and prevent leaks.
  • Safety Considerations: While extension lines provide convenience, it's important to note that they introduce additional length and connections, which can increase the risk of contamination or accidental disconnection. Healthcare providers must follow proper aseptic techniques when handling extension lines and regularly inspect them for signs of damage or leakage.
  • It's worth noting that specific guidelines and protocols may vary depending on the healthcare facility and the type of infusion being administered. Always consult healthcare professionals or follow the manufacturer's instructions for the appropriate use of extension lines with infusion sets.

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