Viggo Connect Pressure Monitoring Tube, PMO Line

Category: Surgical
Brand: viggo
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    • The small bore high pressure extension lines in coiled form.
    • This coiled tubing allows the patient to move around but keep the tubing at just adequate length.
    • Helps to avoid kinking or tangling.
    • Increased Safety
    • Minimal Dead Space
    • Available lengths 200 cms

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Pressure monitoring tubing, also known as invasive pressure monitoring tubing or arterial pressure tubing, is a medical device used to connect a patient's arterial line or catheter to a pressure monitoring system. It allows healthcare professionals to accurately measure and monitor the patient's blood pressure in real-time.

Pressure monitoring tubing consists of a length of flexible tubing with connectors on both ends. One end is attached to the arterial line or catheter, which is inserted directly into the patient's artery, while the other end is connected to the pressure monitoring system.

The pressure monitoring tubing is specifically designed to withstand the pressures generated by arterial blood flow and ensure accurate transmission of pressure readings. It is typically made of medical-grade materials that are compatible with blood and can maintain the integrity of the pressure waveform.

The connectors on the pressure monitoring tubing are usually designed to provide a secure and leak-free connection to both the patient's line and the pressure monitoring system. Some tubing may also have additional features such as flush ports or stopcocks to facilitate flushing or blood sampling.

When connecting pressure monitoring tubing, it is important to follow proper sterile techniques and ensure a tight connection to prevent any leaks or air ingress, which can affect pressure measurements. Healthcare professionals should also ensure that the pressure monitoring system is appropriately calibrated and zeroed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

It is crucial to handle pressure monitoring tubing with care and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for usage, maintenance, and disposal to ensure patient safety and accurate pressure monitoring.

If you have specific questions or require information about a particular brand or model of pressure monitoring tubing, I recommend consulting with a healthcare professional or contacting the manufacturer for accurate and up-to-date specifications and instructions.

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