Vygon Spinal Needle With Quincke Bevel 22G L-150MM (5180.07)

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    The hub of the stylet is fitted with a lug to indicate the bevel orientation and to easily reposition the stylet within the needle in case of necessity.The hub of the stylet is also colour coded according to the diameter of the needle.

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The Vygon Spinal Needle with Quincke Bevel 22G is a medical device used for spinal anesthesia and lumbar punctures."Vygon" refers to the manufacturer of the spinal needle."Spinal Needle" is a type of needle designed for insertion into the spinal canal to deliver medication or obtain a sample of cerebrospinal fluid."Quincke Bevel" refers to the shape of the needle tip. The Quincke Bevel is a common design for spinal needles and has a sharpened edge that cuts through the dura mater, which is the outer membrane of the spinal cord. The bevel creates a small hole in the dura mater, allowing for the insertion of medication or a sampling of cerebrospinal fluid."22G" refers to the gauge of the needle, which is a measure of its diameter. A 22-gauge needle has a smaller diameter than a 20-gauge needle but larger than a 24-gauge needle. The gauge of the needle can affect the ease of insertion and the flow of fluids through the needle.Overall, the Vygon Spinal Needle with Quincke Bevel 22G is a medical device that is commonly used for spinal anesthesia and lumbar punctures due to its design and gauge size.

A spinal needle with a Quincke bevel refers to a specific type of needle commonly used for spinal anesthesia and lumbar puncture procedures. The needle is designed to penetrate the dura mater (the protective membrane surrounding the spinal cord) and allow for the collection of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) or the injection of medications.

Here are some key points about a spinal needle with a Quincke bevel, specifically the 22G L-150MM variant:

  1. Needle size: The "22G" refers to the gauge or thickness of the needle. In this case, it indicates that the needle has a gauge size of 22, which represents the diameter of the needle. The lower the gauge number, the larger the needle diameter. A 22-gauge needle is relatively thick and commonly used for spinal anesthesia or lumbar puncture procedures.

  2. Length: The "L-150MM" indicates the length of the needle. In this case, it specifies that the needle is 150 millimeters long. The length of the needle is important to ensure that it can reach the desired depth within the spinal canal during the procedure.

  3. Quincke bevel: The Quincke bevel is a specific bevel shape or tip configuration of the needle. It is characterized by a short slanted cut on one side of the needle, resulting in a sharp edge. This design facilitates easier penetration of the dura mater during the procedure. The Quincke bevel is commonly used for spinal needles.

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