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Digital weight scales are one of the most popular types of scales on the market. They are accurate, easy to use, and offer a number of features that analog scales do not.

Due to the high demand and low availability of weight scales, the surginatal has kept the stock of some highly furnished weighing scales at an affordable price. The users experienced a great value provided by our products and services.

Surginatal offers more than 30% discounts on electronic weight scales.

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Digital Weight Machine | Weight Scale Machine

(1 Review)
We provide a higly advanced digital weight machine at a cheaper price.
  • LED display
  • Capacity 180KG
  • Graduation 100G
  • Power 2*AAA Battery
  • Low Battery Indication

BPL Weighing Scale PWS-01BT

(1 Review)
  • 180Kg maximum capacity with 100g gradation
  • High accuracy strain gauge sensor system
  • 6mm tempered glass platform
  • Sync via Bluetooth
  • Intelligent analysis

BPL Weighing Scale PWS-01+

(1 Review)
  • Built on a 6mm tempered durable glass platform with sensitive electrodes
  • The large LED display screen clearly displays the weight
  • A

BPL Weighing Scale PWS-01

(1 Review)
  • 6mm thick tempered glass supported platform
  • High-accuracy sensors
  • Equipped with a large LCD screen
  • Weighs up to 180kgs with 100 gms

BPL Baby Weighing Machine

(1 Review)
  • Weighs up to 20kg with 5g gradation
  • 23 mm LCD digits
  • Auto zero and auto switch off options
  • Low battery detection
  • Overload indication

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