bpl baby weighing machine
bpl baby weighing machine


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BPL Baby Weighing Machine

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Brand: BPL
SubCategory: Weight Scale,
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SubCategory: Weight Scale,

Features & Specifications

    • Weighs up to 20kg with 5g gradation
    • 23 mm LCD digits
    • Auto zero and auto switch off options
    • Low battery detection
    • Overload indication
    • Calibrates the scale by deducting the weight of clothing/ diapers
    • Equipped with high strain gauge sensors for precision

  • BPL (British Physical Laboratories) offers a range of medical equipment, including baby weighing machines. The BPL Baby Weighing Machine is specifically designed to measure the weight of infants and newborns. It provides an accurate and reliable measurement of a baby's weight, which is essential for monitoring growth and development.
  • Here are some common features and characteristics you may find in a BPL Baby Weighing Machine:
  • Digital Display: The baby weighing machine typically features a digital display that shows the weight measurement in either kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb). The display is easy to read and provides precise weight readings.

  • Weighing Tray or Platform: The machine is equipped with a flat and stable weighing tray or platform on which the baby is placed. The tray is designed to ensure the baby's comfort and safety during the weighing process.

  • Tare Function: Many baby weighing machines include a tare function, which allows the user to subtract the weight of blankets, clothing, or other items to obtain the baby's actual weight.

  • Hold Function: Some models have a hold function that freezes the weight measurement on the display. This is useful when it's challenging to read the display while handling a restless baby.

  • Battery or Mains Operated: Baby weighing machines can be battery-powered or operated by mains power. Battery-operated models offer portability and convenience, while mains-powered models ensure continuous operation without the need for battery replacement.

  • Weight Capacity: Baby weighing machines usually have a weight capacity that ranges from a few grams to several kilograms, depending on the specific model. It's important to choose a machine that can accommodate the weight range of the baby being weighed.

  • Compact and Portable: Baby weighing machines are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport and store when not in use.

  • BPL baby weighing machine is crafted with utmost care to ensure accurate recordings even when the baby is moving incessantly. Equipped with HOLD and TARE functions, the weighing scale has a maximum load of up to 20 Kg with 5 g gradation.

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Alan karapte

Highly Accurate and useful weight machine.

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BPL Baby Weighing Machine

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