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Light Cured GI Cement

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Light Cure is a light-cured, resin-reinforced glass ionomer restorative cement. Glass ionomers release fluoride and chemically bond to the tooth structure whilst composites have excellent aesthetics. The cement can be finished immediately after light curing, which considerably simplifies and accelerates treatment and minimizes moisture sensitivity of glassionomer cement in the initial setting phase. Chemical adhesion to hard dental tissues and long-term fluoride release are retained.

Light-cured glass ionomer cement (GIC) is a dental material used for various restorative and preventive procedures in dentistry. GICs are versatile materials that have the ability to release fluoride and form a chemical bond to tooth structure, making them suitable for certain applications.

GICs are typically supplied as a powder and a liquid, which are mixed together to form a paste. The paste is then applied to the tooth and light-cured using a dental curing light. The curing light emits a specific wavelength of light, usually in the blue range, which activates a photoinitiator within the GIC. This photoinitiator triggers a polymerization reaction, causing the GIC to harden and set.

The advantage of using light-cured GIC is that it allows for a more controlled and predictable setting process. The curing light provides a focused and consistent source of light, ensuring uniform curing of the material. This can lead to improved mechanical properties and reduced setting time compared to self-cured GICs, which rely on a chemical reaction to set.

Some common applications of light-cured GIC include:

  1. Filling small cavities: Light-cured GICs can be used as a restorative material for small to moderate-sized cavities, especially in areas where moisture control is a challenge.

  2. Cementing crowns and bridges: Light-cured GICs can serve as a luting agent for cementing dental crowns, bridges, inlays, or onlays. The light curing allows for better control during placement and faster setting.

  3. Sealants: Light-cured GICs can be used as pit and fissure sealants to protect vulnerable areas of the teeth from decay. The light-curing feature ensures a quick and efficient setting process.

It's important to note that light-cured GICs may have certain limitations and may not be suitable for all clinical situations. Dentists evaluate the specific requirements of each case to determine the most appropriate restorative material to use.

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